Best Techniques to Turn off Safe Mode on a Android Phone

Best Techniques to Turn off Safe Mode on a Android Phone

Safe Mode option in Android Phones is most important feature by which the users can safeguard their device from virus or malware. If safe mode is turned on all apps of the users goes out of function and thus the Android Phone users turn off the safe mode feature every time.


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In general Safe Mode gets activated whenever virus or malware has been attacked your Android phone.  Even wrong operation might result the Android to get itself into Safe mode accidentally.

Techiyogiz here explains many ways to turn off safe mode and use your apps as normal.

Technique 1 :- 

  • Hold the Power Key and a Menu appears
  • Tap on Restart or Reboot option.
  • Post Restart the device will reset itself.
  • Android Phone comes into normal usage.

If Android Phone has only Power Off in Menu list and opt for Technique 2..

Technique 2 :- 

  • Tap and Hold Power Button, A Menu gets on to the Home Screen..
  • Click on Power Off from the Menu list which will Turn off entire Device
  • Wait for few seconds and Tap on the Power Key.
  • Wait till the Device logo appears
  • Once the Android Device is Turn on, you can check out that Safe Modeis off..

Technique 3 :- 

  • Turn Off Android Device
  • Remove the Battery if it is possible
  • Remove the SIM Card from its slot
  • Re-plug the SIM card after couple of seconds
  • If battery is removed make sure it is placed and turn on the Android Device
  • Automatically Safe Mode option will get Turned off…Read more


Source by techiyogiz..