Does your Wi-Fi abysmally slow? Here’s how you can fix it

Does your Wi-Fi abysmally slow? Here’s how you can fix it

Now and then Interner users feels low as the speed tests their patience with frequent disconnects on the devices they use via Wi-Fi. The reasons for the abysmally very slow speed of the Wi-Fi could be of many reasons.

In many router Wi-Fi connection channels are auto selected so that Wi-Fi channels jumps from one to the other when their seems to be crowded.

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Techiyogiz here comes up with few fixes for the slow Wi-Fi speeds which could be identified on the basis of system and the router connectivity.

Steps to Speed up Wi-Fi on Mac / iOS :- 

Mac :- 

1. Hold Option Key —> Click Wi-Fi icon in the Menu selection

2. Opt for Wireless diagnostics  (Note :- Just leave the setup wizard which pops-up)

3. Click on Window and select Scan (Click on Scan Now)

4. On the Left Side pane – Mac showcases few channels which is based on the frequence of your internet speed

 iPhone/iPad :- 

1. Go to app store

2. Download and Install AirPort Utility App

3. Go to Settings —> Airport Utility App

4. Airport Utility App —>  Enable Wi-Fi Scanner

5. Scan Networks in your circle

Steps to Speed up Wi-Fi on Windows/Android :-

1. Download Acrylic Wi-Fi

2. Run Acrylic Wi-Fi to identify Networks around you

Android Devices :- 

1. Go to Play Store

2. Download Wi-Fi Analyzer

3. Tap on Wi-Fi Analyzer —-> Scan networks

Final Steps on your Router :- 

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