FASTag deadline extended again; now mandatory from January 15, 2020

FASTag deadline extended again; now mandatory from January 15, 2020

The government has once again extended the new rule of mandatory FASTag for another month. As per new information, the FASTags will now be mandatory on the National Highways from January 15, 2020. Previously, the government had extended the deadline from December 1 to December 15.

FASTag is meant to support government’s plan for 100 percent electronic toll collection across National Highways in the country. The latest extension until January 15, 2020 has come due to shortage of tags in the market. As per previous number, around 1 crore tags have been issued so far.

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What is a FASTag?

It is a kind of pass that allows four-wheeler onwards motor vehicles to zip trough the tolls without requiring to stop for transactions. The prepaid rechargeable sticker tags use RFID-powered technology, which stores your vehicle’s information in a barcode and can be linked with your account or prepaid wallet.

How does FASTag work?

FASTag with its RFID technology helps recognize the vehicle passing through a toll lane. It identifies the passing of a vehicle and records details such as the vehicle class and status of the tag. The tag is connected to your bank account or a wallet that provisions automatic deduction of toll charges…Read more>>