Here are 5 Best Instant Messaging Apps for Linux

Here are 5 Best Instant Messaging Apps for Linux

The trend and viral usage of Smartphone has changed the way of Technology communication and everything has changed from a Desktop to finger click.

With such explosion, users are now sending live conversations,
gifs and other text along with images via various instant messengers. We have come up with loads of instant messengers app which are available in the Internet with loads of features which makes users to choose for the alternatives.

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Here we come up with Quite Interesting Instant Messaging Apps for Linux users..

1.  Skype :- It is the most predominantly used instant messaging application which can be worked on various platforms. Skype is used mostly for audio and video calls (conference calls). Microsoft has recently released a new update of Skype for Linux.

2. Telegram :- This instant messaging app is known to best alternative for Whatsapp and users can edit the messages post the receiver has read the message. It themed like Facebook messenger.

3. Pidgin :- This cutest messagin applications has number of chat protocols which is all set with chat services like Google Talk, Yahoo, SMPP and Aim.  Number accounts can be accessed with plugin support. It should be installed on your’s system package management tool service…Read more


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