Here are simple steps to Check LPG Subsidy Status Online

Here are simple steps to Check LPG Subsidy Status Online

The bank made a drastic change in the rules of LPG gas subsidy saying that now LPG gas subsidy will not go to the bank account of those people whose account balance does not have at least ₹ 3000. LPG Gas, gas subsidy status, LPG subsidy status check, LPG subsidy status online, LPG subsidy status,Recently people had complained

a lot to the gas agency due to non-receipt of LPG gas subsidy. There was also a complaint that due to the minimum amount, penalty is also being deducted from their bank account, earlier LPG gas subsidy used to come regularly in the account but now for few months due to minimum amount, LPG gas subsidy in the account. It does not come and money is also deducted by the banks in the name of penalty

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Check Subsidy Status Online

Let us tell you that the reason behind this is a directive issued by the Modi government a few days ago, according to the victory, if you have less than ₹ 3000 in your account, then you will not get LPG gas subsidy

You must remember that a few days ago, the central government had distributed many LPG gas connections for free under the Ujjwala scheme, as well as in the category of subsidy, those who already have gas connections but their Economic condition is weak. Due to which the government decided to give LPG gas cylinder subsidy to these poor sections

Bank accounts can be re-activated in this way

However, after opening crores of bank accounts across the country, and now after the government directive, due to no transaction in the account, it has been deactivated due to which you are not able to get the subsidy of your LPG gas cylinder. Also, under Jan Dhan Yojana, many accounts were opened at the same time, on which no transaction took place and they have also been deactivated, so you can go to your bank and activate your accounts by giving Pune Aadhar and some necessary documents. You can get it done and get your LPG gas subsidy in your account

Eligibility Criteria for Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana?

One should fulfil the below-mentioned list of criteria to be eligible for securing the benefits of PMUY.

✔️ The beneficiary should be an Indian citizen.

✔️ Should have attained the age of 18 years.

✔️ Should not be availing any benefit under other similar schemes.

✔️ The beneficiary should be a woman belonging to a below poverty line family.

✔️ The beneficiary should not have an LPG connection in her name.

✔️ The name of the beneficiariy should be included under the list of BPL households under SC/ST households, AAY, SECC 2011, Most Backward Classes (MBC), people residing in river islands, forest dwellers, Tea and Ex-Tea Garden Tribes…Read more>>