Jio Phone Bookings Now Open: Documents You Need, Delivery Date, and More You Need to Know

Jio Phone Bookings Now Open: Documents You Need, Delivery Date, and More You Need to Know

JioPhone bookings will officially open on August 24 (both offline and online), but certain offline retailers in the Delhi-NCR region have already started taking pre-orders for the handset. This means that you have the opportunity to make your JioPhone booking ahead of millions of people across the country, provided you have an offline retailer near you taking pre-orders right now. Gadgets 360 spoke to one such retailer to find out the offline booking process, the documents you need to get your hands on the phone, and tentative delivery dates, and other important details. Notably, the Rs. 1,500 refundable deposit only needs to be paid at the time of picking up the handset, so, you don’t need to have that amount ready when pre-ordering. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Jio Phone booking with Aadhaar number

To book JioPhone, you will need to submit a copy of your Aadhaar card with the authorised Jio retailer, whether it is a store around the corner or a Reliance Jio outlet. As an individual consumer, you can get only one unit per Aadhaar number across the country, so you will not be able to place orders on different stores in the hopes of getting multiple units. After you submit the Aadhaar number, your details will be uploaded into centralised software that will assign you a token number, which you need to cite while picking up the phone.

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Jio Phone price

Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani announced at the July 21 event that the JioPhone will effectively be free, with an upfront, refundable security deposit of Rs. 1,500. Now, while making the JioPhone booking offline, you will not have to pay anything when you submit your Aadhaar number. The Rs. 1,500 payment will have to be made only when you pick up the unit assigned to you from the offline retail store. This sum can be reclaimed after 36 months of using the handset, according to Jio.

Jio Phone delivery date

The JioPhone delivery date for those who place the order right now will be between September 1 and September 4. This delivery date is expected to swell up as the number of bookings increase over the coming week, so it is best to pre-order the device as soon as possible to get your hands on it earlier. Ambani at the Reliance AGM had only mentioned September as the month of delivery, without specifying any specific date. He had also said the company aims to delivery 5 million units a week to consumers.

It is yet unclear whether the bookings are open at all offline retailers right now, or if it is being opened in phases. We have contacted the JioPhone team for clarification, and will update the story as soon as we get an answer. The online bookings for the handset begin on August 24 via the MyJio app.

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