This WhatsApp bug let’s you delete message even after 7 minutes

This WhatsApp bug let’s you delete message even after 7 minutes

WhatsApp’s ‘Delete for Every One’ is no less than a boon for those who often end up sending wrong text to wrong people. The feature was introduced last year by Facebook-owned chat app company to allow users to recall mistakenly sent messages.

The feature allows users to recall messages, both in group or individual chat. However, there is a catch. Messages sent within 7 minutes can only be revoked. This becomes a problem when you want to delete any message after these 7 minutes have passed. WhatsApp has no solution to this problem but a Spanish blog website claims to have.

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The blog named Android Jefe has discovered a bug that allows user to delete any message even after the 7 minutes have passed. However, there’s again a time limit of 7 days on this. Messages sent within 7 days can only be deleted. Here’s how the hack works, as explained by the blog:

— Switch off the WiFi and mobile data in your phone first.

— Now go to Apps under Settings.

— Choose WhatsApp and Force Stop.

— Now go to Date & Time under Settings.

— Disable Automatic Date & Time.

— Change the date and time to the same as that of your Sent message.

— Now long press the message and go to Delete.

— Select Delete for Everyone and your message will be deleted.

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