WhatsApp brings new update: Here is how your app is set to change

WhatsApp brings new update: Here is how your app is set to change

The instant messaging platform, WhatsApp is rolling out a new update for Android smartphones which is expected to bring a few changes to the UI. The new update has been spotted by WhatsApp trickster WABetaInfo. It has reported that the update has been brought to the beta version of the app for now and will be rolled out for all users in the next few days. The new update brings a new icon for the camera as well as chats and WhatsApp Status. These new icons will make a huge difference to the overall appearance of the app.

WABetaInfo has shared how the new camera icon looks. A viewfinder has been added to the icons for chats and WhatsApp Status. The icon sits chats and WhatsApp Status. The update has reportedly fixed a bug that caused the app to crash when a voice message was played. However, the dark mode is missing from this update as well. The feature has been teased multiple times in the past and is being eagerly waited for.

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The same platform has claimed a few days back that WhatsApp Dark Mode is ready for both Android and iOS is now ready. “For both platforms (iOS and Android) there is not a release date available. I understand that you are no longer patient, because you see that other apps got the Dark Theme quickly.. but really it seems that we’re closer to get the Dark Theme in WhatsApp,” said WABetaInfo in a tweet.

WhatsApp Ban

In a separate development, it was reported that WhatsApp is fighting a long battle to make the platform better and more secure for everyone. In the latest bid to ensure compliance and stop wrongdoing, it is reportedly taking the extreme step of actually banning users from across the world for ‘suspicious’ group names. Several users complained about the same on Reddit. According to a thread on the platform, a user was banned after he changed a university group name to something that was indicative of child sexual abuse.

Other users who reported the ban were involved in dark, edgy humor causing collateral damage. These users have been hit with automated responses telling them that they violated WhatsApp terms of use whether the group name actually reflects the content within or not.

Source:- zeebiz