WhatsApp to bring this new feature for iPhone users: How it will work

WhatsApp to bring this new feature for iPhone users: How it will work

It has been reported several times that WhatsApp is testing a dark mode but there is still no clarity about the roll-out of this new feature. The ‘mode’ has been leaked multiple times and it is believed that there could be various versions of the same, at least on iOS. According to WhatsApp tipster WABetaInfo, the instant messaging platform will get two versions of dark theme on iOS that will vary in the strength of black shade applied across the app’s interface. The blog has spotted and stated several other details about the new dark theme on WhatsApp which is now available on latest beta build of the app.

It claims that the new version of the app hints at three different configurations for the dark theme. This means that once the feature is officially rolled out, users will have three different shades of dark theme to choose from. However, only two of them are available on the beta version right now. The only difference between the two dark theme configurations on WhatsApp for iOS is that they utilise different shades of black.

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While one of the shades is dark, the other one applies a lighter tone of black across the table and cell backgrounds. It will be interesting to see if WhatsApp actually allows users to choose and select the theme they want or will apply automatically. This will be known once the feature is officially rolled out.

The platform has also rolled out a new WhatsApp beta update (v 2.19.311) for the Android app, featuring a new lock icon shade for the dark theme. Interestingly, the update doesn’t bring any new features. According to WABetaInfo, the only noticeable change it brings is a slight colour change for the lock icon in the app. This has been done to make sure that the icon is visible against the background when the dark theme is applied.

Fingerprint Unlock for Android

The app has recently rolled out Fingerprint Unlock feature for Android users. The new feature adds an extra layer of security to your WhatsApp messages and media. “Starting today, Android users can add another layer of security to their WhatsApp messages with fingerprint lock,” the platform said, in a tweet recently. The feature follows Touch ID and Face ID that were brought to iPhones earlier this year to provide an extra layer of security for WhatsApp users.